Republic of the Philippines


Solid Waste Management

  • The city government handles the collection and disposal of solid waste generated in the city.
  • Some barangays have their own Materials Recovery Facilities to promote reuse and recycling of solid waste.
  • The Sanitary Landfill is located in Sitio Sampao, Barangay Mambago-A, Samal District, Island Garden City of Samal.

General Air Quality

  • Air quality is still within the national standards inspite of the increase of vehicle use and the number of industries in the city.
  • Full implementation of Ordinance on Anti-Smoking in the city.

General Water Quality

  • Ground water quality is not tested periodically. Monitoring the volume of ground water extraction especially by large industries is not being done.
  • The Local Waterworks and Utilities Administration (LWUA) oversees the development of the IGaCoS Water District including setting of the water quality and service standards.
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