Major Economic Activities

  • The city is known for its 3Ms namely: Mango, Mongo and the Mariculture Park.
  • Among the three, mango is considered in One Town One Product Program of the local government and the city will be known for its Fresh Mango and other related products.
  • 90% of the total land area is devoted to coconut, banana (cardava), mango, corn and other crops production.
  • About 71.12 percent is developed for agricultural productions while 18.96 percent remain idle which mean that there is still more space for agricultural production.
  • Among the city’s major crops, coconut is the highest with 16,105.25 hectares planted.
  • The second crop is Banana (Carvada) with 3,201.hectares followed by mango with 2,718.13 hectares.
  • Livestock is one of the livelihoods in the city but generally, the city has no full-scale commercial livestock raiser it is more on backyard activity.
  • The City has an extensive coastline of 118.5 kilometer long and thirty one (31) out of forty six (46) Barangays or sixty seven (37%) percent are coastal.
  • Fishing activities in the coastal barangays produce fish products mostly for local market.
  • There are 4,135 fishermen with 1,335 units motorized bancas and 890 non-motorized bancas.
  • Fishing ground has an estimated area of 99, 247.73 hectares in Davao gulf that utilized the 76.36 percent of the Municipal waters.
  • Fish culture like fish cages in mariculture area and brackish water-fish ponds in the northern part of Samal occupies a minimal production area of 52.5 hectares for fish ponds.
  • In 2014, there are 2,368 existing commercial establishment registered based on Business Permit and Licensing record.
  • The Island Garden City of Samal is considered as one of the most promising tourists destinations in the country forits inimitable beauty and unspoiled natural attraction such as white sand beaches, crystal waters, religious and historical attractions, caves, mountains, forests, view decks and falls the island can offer.
  • In 2014 there are 65 existing Tourism Establishment operating in 3 Districts with a Total Tourists arrival accounted to 422,787 day tour tourists and 256,605 overnight tourists.

Number of Business Establishments by Industry Sector

  • In 2014 there are 2,368 registered businesses in Island Garden City of Samal with retail trade having the highest count of 1,359 or 57.39%, followed by amusement/entertainment with 168 or 7.09% establishments.