A1. New & Transferee Enrollment Process
A2. Continuing Paying Student Enrollment
A3. Continuing Student Scholars Enrollment
A4. Requesting of Scholastic Records
B1. Distribution of Learning Materials/Modules
B2. Retrieval of Module Outputs from Students
C1. Health Education and Promotion
C2. Health Referrals
C3. Triange
C4. Nutritional Support Service
C5. Safety Precaution and First Aid Treatment Service
D1. Borrowing of Books Process
D2. Virtual Reference Services
E1. Students Identification
E2. Releasing and Signing of Clearance
E3. Requesting and Releasing of Good Moral
F1. Requesting of Statement of Accounts/Balances/Payment
F2. Requesting for Statement of Accounts Balance
F3. Enrollment of Old and Returnee Students
G1. Counselling Service (Individual)
G2. Testing Service
G3. SICC - Information Service
  • Community Service Assistance
  • Documents Endorsed to City Vice Mayor's Office
  • Map Reproduction
  • Map Production/Development
  • Data Reproduction
  • Data Generation and Production
  • Program / Activity Design Review
  • Inclusion to the Supplemental Annual Investment Plan
  • Review of Barangay Annual Investment Plan
  • Final Review of Barangay Annual Investment Plan
  • Review of Barangay Development Plan
  • Final Review of Barangay Development Plan
  • Issuance of Zoning Certification and Locational Clearance for Building and Fencing Permit
  • Issuance of Zoning Certification
  • Foreshore Lease Application
  • Building Permit Applications
  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Issuance of Business Permit
  • Issuance of Mayor's Clearance/Certification
  • Issuance of Special Permit
  • Issuance of Franchise and Permit to Operate for New Application
  • Renewal of Permit to Operate and Franchise
  • Special Recruitment Activity/Local Recruitment Activity
  • Reporting of Special Recruitment Agency
  • Special Program for Employment of Student (SPES)
  • Evaluation and Orientation of Qualified SPES Applicants
  • Application and Processing for City Scholarship Program
  • Tulong Panghanap-buhay sa ating Displaced/Disadvantaged Worker (TUPAD)
  • Government Internship Program (GIP)
  • Issuance of Official Receipts
  • Computation and Issuance of Tax Bills
  • Business Tax Assessment
  • Disbursement of Claims (Cheque)
  • Online Bayad Buwis
  • Transfer of Real Property Ownership for Land, Building and Machineries
  • Issuance of Tax Declaration and Certifications
  • Preparation of Job Order Payroll
  • Issuance of Loan Certifications
  • Payroll for Salary of Permanent Employees
  • Retrieval of Record/s
  • Assistance to Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS) Documents
  • Burial Services
  • Public Market Stall Rental
  • Cemetery Services
  • Slaughterhouse Services
  • Kaputian Beach Park Services
  • PHRDC Training Center
  • White Sands Hostel Accomodation
  • Issuance of Accountant's Certification
  • Review of Disbursement Vouchers - Civil Works
  • Review of Disbursement Vouchers - Procurement of Goods (Bidding)
  • Review of Disbursement Vouchers - Goods, Services, Others
  • Review of Disbursement Vouchers - Various Personnel Claims
  • Review of Disbursement Vouchers - Cash Advances
  • Review of Payroll - Job Orders and Laborers
  • Review of Payroll - Regular Employees
  • Out Patient Consultation
  • Issuance Health Certificate/Card
  • Farm Tractor Services
  • Fisherfolk Registration
  • Fishing Boat Registration
  • Fishing Gears Permitting/Licensing
  • Agri-Fishery Inputs Distribution
  • Certification
  • Technical Assistance Services
  • Certified Photocopy of Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) Certificate of Marriage (COM) & Certificate of Death (COD)
  • Legitimation
  • Affidavit to Use the Surname of the Father
  • Registration of Marriage (on Time)
  • Annotation of Court Order
  • Supplemental Report
  • Financial Assistance (Cash)
  • Emergency Shelter Assistance
  • Burial Assistance
  • Davao del Norte Hospital - IGACOS Zone Hospitalization Assistance
  • SPMC Hospitalization/Medical Assistance
  • Certificate of Indigency
  • Certificate of Travelling Minor (Local)
  • Social Case Study
  • Parental Capability and Assessment report (PCAR), Assessment on Discernment, Court Related Reports
  • Food Assistance (Assistance to Walk-In/Stranded Clients)
  • Food Assistance (Food for Work)
  • Senior ID Issuance
  • Purchase Slip and Booklet
  • Balik Probinsya (Transportation Assistance)
  • Tourism Certificate
  • Certificate of Registration for Tax Incentive
  • Various Office Requests
  • Resolving Investment and Tourism Related Complaints
  • Returning Locally Stranded Individuals (LSIs) and Overseas Filipino Workers (ROFWs)
  • Travel Authority
  • Tourist QR Code
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