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  1. DMI Enterprises - Re: Electrification Program at Balet 2, Brgy. Balet, Babak Dist., IGACOS
  2. Hexamindz Corp. - RE: Construction of Public Market at Sitio Maag, Peñaplata, Samal Dist., IGACOS
  3. FGM Builders Resources & Dev't. Corp. - Water System Development / Water Works Rehabilitation Program at Brgy. Libertad, Kaputian Dist., IGACOS
  4. ARDRAW Construction & Supply Corp. - Perimeter Fence at Limao Elementary School, Limao, Samal District, IGACOS
  5. ARDRAW Construction & Supply Corp. - Construction of Multipurpose Building at San Isidro, Babak Dist., IGACOS
  6. FGM Builders Resources and Dev't Corp. - Road Concreting at P-6, Brgy. Tagbay, Samal Dist., IGACOS
  7. J-1 Builders Corporation - Road Concreting at Brgy. Balet to Sitio Kila, Babak Dist., IGACOS
  8. DUBC Construction Corp. - Construction of Drawet Type Niches at San Miguel, Anonang, Kaputian Dist., IGACOS
  9. JD Somoza Builders - Re: Completion of Multi-Purpose Building (Night Market) at Freedom Park brgy. Peñaplata, Samal District
  10. RMB Ryamar's Tailoring & Supplies - Re: Purchase of Supplies for TF Samal
  11. DUBC Construction Corp. - Re: Construction of Multipurpose Bldg. at Brgy. Tagbaobo
  12. R Fabale Construction Corp. - Re: Construction of Multipurpose Bldg. at Brgy. Limao, IGACOS
  13. Unicenter Communications - Re: Purchase of IT Equipment for ETRACS System Computerization of CTO
  14. Kupler Industries Inc. - LED Lights (Street Lights), (Re- Program) Islandwide
  15. Civic Merchandising Inc. - Re: Procurement of One (1) Unit Brand New Motor Grader