How To Avail Business Registration And Renewal Of Permits

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Who May Avail
Any person, or entity, who shall engage, establish, operate and conduct a business or public activity within the city.
Where to Transact:
Permits & Licensing Section, Office of the City Mayor
Person In-charge:
Mr. Ernesto Tundaan
Licensing Officer - OIC, City Mayor’s Office

Requirements for New Application

A. New Establishments

  • Accomplished Business Permit Application Form
  • Barangay Clearance to operate the business from where the new business establishment is located
  •  Barangay Resolution if operating a videoke, karaoke or any other machines for amusement or gaming
  • Community Tax Certificate
  • Location/Vicinity Map
  • Proof of Capitalization
  • Sworn Statement
  • Tax Declaration of the real property where the new business is located
  • One (1) passport size picture of the owner, operator, president or general manager

· Clearances/Certifications

  1. City Health Office
  2. City Planning & Development Office
  3. City Environment & Natural Resources Office
  4. City Engineer’s Office/Building Official
  5. City Treasurer’s Office (Real Property Tax Clearance)
  6. Philippine National Police (Police Clearance)
  7. Bureau of Fire Protection
  8. (If Tax Exempt) Certificate of Tax Exemption

· Other Requirements:

  • Tax Identification Number
  • For Corporation: SEC Registration, Articles of Incorporation & By-Laws
  • For Cooperative: CDA Registration, Articles of Incorporation & By-Laws
  • For General Engineering Business: Contractor’s License
  •  For Selling of Drugs & Related business; also Food Processing like Bakery: BFAD License to Operate
  • For Beach Resort: Environmental Compliance Certificate and Foreshore Lease Agreement
  • For Banks & Pawnshops: Central Bank Accreditation
  • For Schools: DECS Accreditation
  •  For Retailer/Dealer of Lumber (Miscellaneous Trees): DENR Clearance
  • For Retailer/Dealer of Coco Lumber: PCA Registration
  • For Public Market and Other Economic Enterprise Stallholders: Contract of Lease
  • For Tourism Related Establishments: City Tourism Office Accreditation
  • For Livestock Related Activities: CVET Clearance
  • For Aquaculture Related Activities: CFARMO Certification/Clearance
  • For Agriculture Related Business: CAGRO Certification/Clearance

· If processing is done by representative:

  • For Single Proprietorship: Special Power of Attorney
  • For Corporation: Secretary’s Certificate
  • For Cooperative: Secretary’s Certificate