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 IGACOS COVID-2019 Hotline Numbers 
0933-4661021 - SUN

0955-6941430 - GLOBE

Please report suspected cases at this number.

Thank you


City Health Office - 09171248829

RHU Kaputian - 09127449034

RHU Babak - 09171765993

Talikud Lying-in - 09303593368

CESU - 09556941430/09386606461


Notice To The Public...

To all individuals/ corporation/ investors who are intending to acquire land properties in the Island Garden City of Samal, please be advised that you are encouraged to deal with Land Developers who are registered at the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB). Further, interested buyers of lot/s in Samal Island are advised to consult first with the City Planning and Development Office for proper guidance and information regarding the future use of their lands.


From the City Government of Samal Island

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Daghang Salamat po for choosing our island city as your next travel and investment destination and also your home. You have become a family to the Samaleños who share in the responsibility of building self-reliant, disaster resilient, economically progressive and pro-environment community.

The City Government values equity and inclusiveness as we respond to the community’s need. Hence, we continuously strive to expand public service delivery through establishment of viable facilities, sustainable programs & projects and efficient outcome-based customer services. This is made possible with the proactive participation of our stakeholders, partner agencies and civil society groups geared towards accelerated Economic and Investment opportunities for our people.

More so, IGaCoS is a haven for leisure and pleasure. Reward yourself with a well-deserved vacation in a day or two. Indulge into our sundry and fun-filled activities: climb the highlands of Puting Bato, bask into the island’s 118 kilometers of white sand beaches; make your shout-outs at the deepest depression in Bito or say Hi! to the thousands giant clams in Adecor; pacify in the cold waters of Hagimit Falls or smile back to the famous Guinness’ Monfort Fruit Bats. Not to mention other natural wonders you, yourself, need to discover in our island. This is definitely an experience you should not miss!

And don’t forget to fill in your buckets with our very own sweet yellow mangos, our favoured mongo, coconut products and all other delectable delicacies that your family and friends will surely love. 

May you be enamoured with the paradise we call our home; our island we call IGaCoS. May you embrace the simple yet satisfying experience of living in an “Urban Center in a Garden Setting.” 

Welcome to our humble abode: the Island Garden City of Samal - where life is fun!

Sincerely yours, 

City Mayor 



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Bids and Awards Bulletin

PR No. 2020-03-2024 Rehabilitation and Installation of Pavement Block for Pathways at Bandera Natures Park, Bandera, IGACOS

PR No. 2020-01-0797 Purchase of Military, Police & Traffic Supplies for SCAA Maintenance

PR No. 2020-04-2139 Installation of Solar Streetlights at Limao, Caliclic, Pangubatan, IGACOS

PR No. 2020-04-2131 Installation of Lightning Facilities Inside Pahulayan Memorial (Solar Light) at San Miguel, Samal District, IGACOS

PR No. 2020-05-2337 Drainage System, Peñaplata to Tagdaliao, Samal District, IGACOS

PR No. 2020-04-2235 Development of Water Supply & Facilities at Poblacion, Kaputian District, IGACOS


City Hall Complex
D. Taganiog St., Peñaplata, Samal District
Island Garden City of Samal
8119 Philippines

Email: mail@samalcity.gov.ph