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Physical Profile

Physical Profile

The Island Garden City of Samal is composed of main island and 7 islets with a 118.5 kms. of long continuous coastline and 30,130 hectares of total land area that lavishes an ample mountain ranges, a number of isolated hills and uneven distribution of lowlands. Its mean annual temperature estimated to 26.9'C. The climate type is Zone IV which is characterized by rainfall more or less distributed evenly throughout the year which saved the island from typhoons and tropical depressions. Its soil classification known as Bolinao Clay is suited for corn, coconut and mango production.

It is located at the heart of Davao Gulf approximately 900 meters East of Davao City from Babak District and only 10-15 minutes ride from Davao City via motor boat or ferry boat.

The largest among the islets known as Talikud Island is about 2,500 meters from Poblacion, Kaputian District. The other six (6) islets are Big Liguid (28,0492 has.), Small Liguid (4.5 has.), Arboles Shoal, otherwise known as Sanipaan (3.125 has.), Small Malipano (.1595 has.), Dela Paz (1.378 has.), Big Malipano (8.2858 has.), and Wishing Islet (700 sq.m.), respectively. Big and Small Liguid are part of Barangay Balet while Arboles Shoal is part of Barangay Tambo. Big and Small Malipano, Dela Paz, and Wishing Islets are part of Kaputian District.

The highest peak is the Puting Bato with slope ranges from 30-65% with an area of 215 hectares which is located mostly in Barangay Tagbitan-ag and a portion of Barangay Aundanao.

Springs can found in different barangays and one (1) river traversing Barangay Cawag. The entire island including Talikud and the rest of the islets has thirty one (31) coastal barangays out of the 46 barangays. Kaputian District has the greater number of coastal barangays with 12 barangays out of its 15 barangays.

There are 5 major urban areas in the city namely; Barangay Pichon and Villarica of Babak District, Barangay Peñaplata of Samal District and Barangay Poblacion and Sta. Cruz of Kaputian District.