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Human resource Profile

Created: 22 October 2015 Published Date Hits: 2322

Human Resource Profile

Human Resource Profile


Processes of fertility, mortality and migration bring about changes in population. These factors affect the size of population.

The trend of population in the Island Garden City of Samal is increasing. It has never declined. As a result, the government is now facing an uncontrolled population problem on the utilization of its limited resources such as employment, food, education, health, nutrition and other. As a whole, the quality of life of the residents is affected. The trend of population of the city had a formidable growth rate of 2.21% for the year 2010 National Statistics Office Census Official Survey Result totaled to 95,874. For 2014 City Health Office (CHO) Survey Result totaled population accounted to 24,614. It is noted that males dominated females for about 3,718 in terms of population.