The Creation of the City





First City Officials

It was a co-incident that the rights of the latest mayors to be reelected poses as provided in the 1987 Philippine Constitution, when the city had its first election of government officials in 1998.

These are the first sets of City elected and appointed officials to facilitate the developmental vision of the Island.

First Elected City Officials

Elected Officials:

City Mayor

Rogelio P. Antalan


City Vice Mayor

Ceferino B. Latras



Sangguniang Panlungsod Members


Babak District

Samal District

Kaputian District

City Mayor


City Vice Mayor


Hon. Orly A. Amit     

SP Member - Babak District

Hon. Africo R. Bordios     

SP Member - Babak District

Hon. Samuel R. Nacito

SP Member - Babak District

Hon. Vick M. Banggat

SP Member - Babak District

Hon. Mariano K. Fernandez

SP Member - Samal District

Hon. Ruel H. Bantillo

SP Member - Samal District

Hon. Guillermo E. Olden

SP Member - Samal District

Hon. Isidro P. Requina, Sr

SP Member - Samal District

Hon. Dediano E. Rebong

SP Member - Kaputian District

Hon. Samuel R. Rosario

SP Member - Kaputian District

Hon. Jeffrey S. Prieto

SP Member - Kaputian District

Hon. Jesus S. Parilla

SP Member - Kaputian District

Hon. Virgilio L. Ang 

Ex-Official Member - ABC President

Hon.  Ronan P. Pangilinan

Ex-Official Member - SKF President Samal District

Hon. Richard A. Guindolman

Ex-Official Member - SKF President Babak District

Hon. Neiljun C. Esdrelon

Ex-Official Member - SKF President Kaputian District/ Sangguniang Panlalawigan Member


First Department Heads

City Department Heads

Mr. Cleto B. Gales Jr. City Administrator
Mr. Amancio M. Ibarra  Secretary to the  Sangguniang     Panlungsod
Engr.  Ana Lea A. Zapanta  City Planning and Development Coordinator   
Mrs. Jemelita Q. Camaso  City Budget Officer
Mrs. Jennifer D. Cariaga, CPA  City Accountant 
Mrs. Aurea R. Bastasa  City Treasurer
Mrs. Abundia A. Lariosa    City Social Welfare and Development Officer 
Mr. Joel L. Padillo  City Civil Registrar
Mr. Ramon D. Soria  City Assessor
Mrs. Emma R. Galon  City Agriculturist
Mr. Percenito O. Bustamante  City General Services Officer
Engr. Darwin S. Arig  City Engineer
Dr. Lilibeth O. Villanueva, M.D.  City Health Officer
Mr. Florencio M. Villabrille  City Human Resource &    Management Officer   
Atty. Jocam Joseph C. Jocson  City Legal Officer





Political Dimension 

From the autonomous period of the three municipalities of the Island in 1948-1998, political leadership turn over counted several times.  Political evolutions took in place from appointments to election procedures.

For Samal Municipality

For Samal Municipality

Year  Mayor  Status

1948 -1951

Apolonio Mahinay 

Appointed through Governor Miranda

1951 – 1971  Simplicio B. Obenza  Elected

July 1971 to Nov. 1971  

 Felix D. Solamo

Successor due to the death of the former Mayor

1971 –1986 Galileo S. Obenza  Elected

1986 – 1987 

Yolando Etaoc

Appointed OIC through EDSA Revolution

Dec. 1987 

Samuel Robledo 

Caretaker –DILG due to candidacy filing of the former

Dec. 1987  to Feb. 1988 

Alberto Sepulveda 

Appointed OIC due to the candidacy of Etaoc

1988 – 1998  Galileo S. Obenza  Elected



For Babak Municipality

 For Babak Municipality


Apolonio Mahinay

Appointed by President Elpedio Quirino

Ramon C. Anima

Appointed by President  Ramon Magsaysay
 1953 – 1955

Apolonio Mahinay

Appointed  by Court
 1956 – 1959

Esario E. Daguman

 1960 – 1967

Ramon M. Anima 

 1967 – 1979

Manuel B. Pichon

 Feb.-Dec. 1979

Anita C. Villarica

 1980 – 1986

David M. Uy

 1986 –1988

Sofronio M. Lago

Appointed OIC through EDSA

David M. Uy



For Kaputian Municipality

For Kaputian Municipality

1966 Diosdado Alorro 


1966-1986 Dediano Rebong


1986 –1988

Aniano Antalan Appointed OIC through EDSA revolution
1988-1998 Aniano Antalan



In 1986, the three municipalities have had ruled by appointed OIC mayors after the government revamp (EDSA Revolution) under the presidency of Corazon C. Aquino.