Island Garden City of Samal

CY 2011 to CY 2013


The threat of social ills such as HIV/AIDS and prostitution have become pressing concerns brought about by the growing tourism industry of the city. Other social problems are: the growing number of children in conflict with the law, drug pushers and users, and the inadequacy of welfare services for the persons-in-crisis. Homelessness and informal settlements are equally pressing.Malnutrition is still hounding some of our children. Most common causes of mortality among our constituents are : cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, and tuberculosis. Rising cases of dengue in the city has also been observed. Teachers, classrooms, books and other reading materials, and other facilities are still inadequate. The City Library cum Information Center is still inadequate, and vocational or TESDA schools and a museum are wanting. The titling of schools sites by the Department of Education needs to be expedited. To respond to the above mentioned social concerns, the following executive and legislative actions are identified:

A. Executive Agenda

  1. Enhancement of Human Resources Development Program

  2. Strengthening of the City Scholarship Program

  3. Enhancement of Support to the Youth Program

  4. Advocacy on leadership and moral recovery program

  5. Operation of the Social Welfare Development Center

  6. Implementation of Gender Comprehensive Plan

  7. Implementation of the R.A 9262 (Violence Against Women and their Children)

  8. Institutionalization of the Sports Development Council

  9. Revision of the Comprehensive Shelter Plan

  10. Health and Sanitation Program

  11. Maternal and Child Package Program

  12. Expansion of PhilHealth beneficiaries

  13. Assistance to less fortunate school children

  14. Teacher supplementation through the Special Education Fund

  15. Research on the History and Culture of the City

  16. Supplemental Feeding Program in schools

  17. Hospitalization Support Program 

B. Legislative Agenda

  1. Enact an ordinance providing incentives for the Barangay Health Workers and Day Care Workers

  2. Enact an ordinance establishing a Community Skills Development Center and providing funds thereof

  3. Amend the existing City Scholarship Ordinance

  4. Review and amend City Ordinance No. 09, s. 1999 otherwise known as “An ordinance imposing observance of curfew hours for all minors in public places in the Island Garden City of Samal”

  5. Enact an ordinance strengthening the implementation of Republic Act 9262 otherwise known as Violence Against Women and their Children

  6. Enact an ordinance for the establishment of a Socialized Service Center for abused women and children, and underprivileged persons-in-crisis

  7. Enact an ordinance strengthening the implementation of Republic Act No. 8504 otherwise known as HIV Law

  8. Enact a City Gender and Development Code

  9. Enact an ordinance providing guidelines on the shelter/financial assistance to relocated informal settlers

  10. Enact an ordinance requiring all maternal deliveries to be handled by skilled health personnel in a medical facility

  11. Enact an ordinance providing guidelines for the expansion of PhilHealth beneficiaries and providing funds thereof

  12. Enact an ordinance providing guidelines on the assistance to less fortunate school children

  13. Pass a resolution requesting the Department of Education to appropriate funds for additional teachers, classrooms, reading materials, and other facilities

  14. Enact an ordinance on the research of the history and culture of the city and providing funds thereof

  15. Review and amend City Ordinance No. 25, series of 1999, otherwise known as “An Ordinance prohibiting any person to smoke inside public buildings, beta/movie houses, enclosed structures, and public conveyances within the Island Garden City of Samal”

  16. Enact an ordinance appropriating funds for hospitalization support to indigent constituents  


The diversion of usage of productive lands and municipal waters to non-production undertakings contributes to low productivity in agriculture and fishery. Producers of marine and agricultural products have been at the mercy of financing and price manipulations by middlemen. The inadequate influx of investments that could generate more jobs and the apparent mismatch of skills and competencies of existing labor force with jobs available have resulted to underemployment and unemployment. A significant number of local skilled workers have remained untapped. Profiles of the skilled work force in the City have not been compiled in a database. Access to science and technology is limited. Illegal fishing and poaching still occasionally pester some parts of our municipal waters. Entrepreneurs lack access to capital. Cost of electricity is high and the power supply is inadequate to meet rapidly increasing consumers’ demand.The Island is steadily becoming a favorite world-renowned tourist destination, but appropriate support facilities and infrastructures are still inadequate. There is no government-initiated local tour packages, as there is no tourism department and tourism information center yet legislated. Promotional activities are inadequate. Significant cultural and historical sites still need to be identified and validated. To boost the City’s economic condition, revenue generation need to be improved so that economic-enhancing programs and support services could be put in place. Hence, the following executive and legislative actions are set:

A. Executive Agenda

1.Revenue Mobilization Program

  • 1.1 Business Tax Mapping Program

  • 1.2 Implementation of the General Revision on the Real Property Tax (full assessment of real properties according to actual use or zone, whichever is higher)

  • 1.3 Auction of real properties with unsettled arrears

  • 1.4 Full implementation of the collection of Environmental Users’ Fees (EUF)

  • 1.5 Full implementation of the collection of the New Market Rates

2.Local Economic Development Plan3. Improvement of Economic Enterprise Facilities

  • 3.1 Construction and operation of the New Integrated Public Market and Land Transport Terminal

  • 3.2 Full operation of Pahulayan (Samal Memorial Park)

4. Crafting and implementation of Eco-tourism Development Plan

  • 4.1 Tourism promotion enhancement

  • 4.2 Strengthening of tourism stakeholders (City Tourism & Barangay Tourism Councils)

5. Congressional lobby for the establishment of the Samal Island Special Economic Zone and Freeport6. Acquisition and operation of ferryboats7. Improvement of the One Town, One Product Program8. Establishment of fish port and mariculture land-based facilities9. Integrated programs for entrepreneurs, vendors, and drivers10. Local products development11. Marketing promotions for locally produced products12. Local entrepreneurship development13. Enhancement of LGU Micro-Lending Program14. Support to the revival of the IGaCoS Chamber of Commerce15. Establishment of database on skilled manpower available in the City16. Establishment of agricultural 17. Establishment of Accreditation and ID System for all drivers and crews of Public Utility Vehicles18. Conduct of semi-annual City Jobs Fair19. Support to the Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES) 

B. Legislative Agenda

1. Revision of the City Investment Code 2. Enact an ordinance appropriating funds for the purchase of two (2) ferryboats3. Enact an ordinance for the creation of City Tourism Office4. Enact a City Tourism Code5. Enact an ordinance establishing Samaleños Database6. Pass a resolution requesting concerned national offices for the immediate replacement of Davao-IGaCoS underwater power cables7. Pass a resolution enticing another more efficient power provided to service the Island Garden City of Samal8. Enact an ordinance regulating and upgrading public utility vehicles 9. Enact an ordinance regulating entry points in the Island10. Enact an ordinance declaring IGaCoS as an Island of Festivals11. Enact an ordinance declaring the City’s cultural and historical sites


Inadequate irrigation projects and farm to market roads, insufficient appropriate farm inputs and agricultural machineries, and illegal fishing are among the food security concerns besetting our City.To ensure food for every constituent of Samal, corresponding executive and legislative actions are identified, as follows: 

A. Executive Agenda

  1. Sustainable agriculture through support to farmers (with emphasis on organic farming and farm modernization)

  2. Sustainable fishery through support to fisherfolks

  3. Technical support for livestock farmers

  4. Regulation on the reclassification of agricultural lands for other uses


B. Legislative Agenda

  1. Enact a City Farmers Code (with emphasis on organic farming and farm modernization)

  2. Enact a City Mango Industry Code

  3. Enact an ordinance strengthening the implementation of the Quarantine Law

  4. Amend ordinance providing guidelines for the LGU Animal Dispersal 


The following are some infrastructure concerns identified: the limited network of concreted roads, the lack of drainage system, power fire hydrants, and cellular sites, the unreliability of power supply, the insufficiency of the ferry transport system, among others. Some roads have been opened pending settlements of the road rights of way, and some bridges are dilapidated. Some barangays have conflicting claims over political boundaries. Funds for just compensation in the exercise of the City’s eminent domain are inadequate. Landmarks, street names, and signages are either absent or inadequate. The management and operations of water system in some areas are still contested between the IGaCoS Water District and the barangays.To improve on the City’s infrastructure, the following executive and legislative agenda are emphasized:

A. Executive Agenda

  1. Acquisition of heavy and light equipment

  2. Farm to market roads program

  3. Concreting/asphalting of City roads

  4. Repair and/or upgrading of bridges

  5. Drainage system and sewerage

  6. Stabilization of reliable power supply services

  7. Construction of Integrated Public Market and Land Transport Terminal

  8. Park development

  9. Integrated urban water system development and resources management

  10. Improvement and maintenance of public buildings

  11. Design of the new City Hall building and site development and landscaping of the New Government Center Complex

  12. Construction of archives building

  13. Construction of sanitary landfill

  14. Construction of wastewater treatment facilities


B. Legislative Agenda

  1. Enact an ordinance prohibiting road openings without obtaining road rights of way

  2. Enact an ordinance appropriating an amount for the purchase of asphalt plant

  3. Enact an ordinance naming all streets in the Island

  4. Enact an ordinance establishing a house numbering system

  5. Enact an ordinance for the installation of fire hydrants in key locations in every district

  6. Pass a resolution requesting the Bureau of Lands to re-survey the political boundaries of all barangays and providing funds thereof

  7. Pass a resolution requesting the Philippine Reclamation Authority to declare a portion of Peñaplata Freedom Park to Laxina Creek, and a portion of Babak Coastal Park to Babak Public Market as reclamation areas

  8. Enact an ordinance declaring areas for parks, greenbelts, and playgrounds in the City and barangays


The City’s natural endowments are being endangered by the indiscriminate cutting of trees for wood charcoal and other purposes, the extraction of white sand and corals, and the continued poaching and illegal fishing activities in some parts of the island. The City’s solid and liquid waste management need to be enhanced and sustained. The waste water treatment facility for the slaughter house is inadequate. The facilities and equipments for garbage collection and disposal need to be augmented. To protect the City’s natural resources and to ensure sustainability in our urbanization process, the following are the executive and legislative actions:

A. Executive Agenda

  1. Environmental Protection Program

  • 1.1 Isla Nga Maanyag Management Program

  • 1.2 Green Infrastructure and Green Architecture Program

  • 1.3 Information education campaign on Global Warming and Climate Change

2. Revision of some provisions of Coastal and Marine Water Zone Plan

3. Integrated Urban Water Resource Management Plan

4. Shelter and Urban Development Program

5. Cultural Preservation and Enhancement Program 

6. Co-management with DENR and communities of key natural resources in IGaCoS (forest reserves, foreshore areas, caves, waterfalls, etc.) 

B. Legislative Agenda

  1. Enact a City Environment Code

  2. Enact an ordinance establishing tree parks and greenbelts

  3. Enact an ordinance strengthening the implementation of Clean Air Act

  4. Pass a resolution requesting academic institutions to conduct taxonomic and ecological researches and appropriating funds thereof

  5. Revision of the City Housing Code

  6. Enact an ordinance providing guidelines to address the legal flaws that resulted to the proliferation of illegal subdivisions and spot zoning

  7. Enact an ordinance providing guidelines for the co-management of key natural resources with DENR and the communities


The City Government has exceeded the cap for personal services due to a fat organizational structure. The delivery of basic services needs to be constantly improved. A system to easily access information on annual plans, budgets, and other important concerns need to be put in place. Responsible citizenship and corporate social responsibility have to be deeply inculcated among our constituents. People empowerment and involvement of civil society organizations in local governance need up scaling. Public-private partnerships in development projects are still wanting. To further advance its initiatives for good urban governance, the City’s executive and legislative actions are as follows: 

A. Executive Agenda:

  1. Re-organization and Re-engineering of Local Government Organizational Structure

  2. Improvement and simplification of the existing electronic governance systems

  3. Public Information Program

  4. Accreditation/re-accreditation of NGOs and POs

  5. Promotion of Public-Private Partnership

  6. Acquisition of land for certain projects such as theme parks, cemeteries, sports facilities, and employees village

  7. Revision of Barangay Development Plans

  8. Human Resource Development Program

  9. People Empowerment Program

  10. Establishment of City Archival System

  11. Financial Management Program

  12. Records Management Program

  13. City/Barangay Fiscal and Budgeting Services Program

  14. Enhancement of Business Permitting and Licensing System

  15. Business Permit Enforcement Program

  16. Annual Investment Programming

  17. Early Retirement Benefit Program

  18. Search for “Pinakamaanyag nga Barangay”


B. Legislative Agenda

  1. Enact an ordinance approving the new organizational structure and staffing pattern of the City Government

  2. Enact an ordinance providing guidelines on the Early Retirement Program and the provision of funds therof


The following are some of the issues and concerns in keeping the City’s public order, safety, and emergency preparedness: the lack of visibility of law enforcers, especially on night patrols, the leniency in traffic enforcement, the laxity in the enforcement of curfew hours for minors. The facilities, equipments, and trainings for both law enforcers and emergency operatives are inadequate. There is no ID system for the residents of the City. To improve public order, public safety, and emergency preparedness among constituents in the City, the following executive and legislative actions are set:

A. Executive Agenda

  1. Institutionalization of Hazard, Risk Vulnerability Assessment (HRVA)

  2. Enhancement of Barangay-based Disaster Coordinating Councils

  3. Establishment of a Public Safety Management Nerve Center

  4. Modernization of communications and equipments of the City Disaster Coordinating Council

  5. Enhancement of Community Policing System (COPS)

  6. Scaling-up of Anti-Rabies Program

  7. Strengthening inter-agency linkages for disaster preparedness and response

  8. Full implementation of Veterinary Quarantine Program for all ports of entry

  9. Strengthening of community-based Bantay-Dagat

  10. Creation of Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team

  11. Institutionalization of a Disaster Risk Reduction Management System

  12. Creation of Rescue Units in the Island

  13. Strengthening of Barangay Peace & Order Program

  14. Strengthening of Katarungang Pambarangay Program


B. Legislative Agenda

  1. Enact a City Public Order & Safety Code

  2. Enact an ordinance providing other incentives to the members of the Barangay Tanod and Katarungang Pambarangay

  3. Review and amend ordinance regarding the curfew on minors

  4. Enact an ordinance regulating the buy and sell of scrap materials

  5. Enact an ordinance regulating the selling of liquors and cigarettes to minors

  6. Review and amend City Ordinance No.107, s. 2005, otherwise known as “An Ordinance regulating the operation of videoke and karaoke machines in the Island Garden City of Samal”

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